Trump optimistic about a trade deal with China, Beijing nuance

Chances are high to see the United States and China seal a trade deal, Donald Trump said on Wednesday as Beijing has lowered expectations of potential progress.

Speaking to reporters on the eve of Washington’s resumption of high-level trade talks, Donald Trump said: ” If we can come to an agreement, we will make an agreement. There is really a good chance.

“In my opinion, China wants an agreement even more than I want,” he added.

US and Chinese officials are scheduled to meet in Washington on Thursday and Friday to try to break the 15-month trade stalemate and slow the global economy.

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are expected to participate in the talks.

In the absence of significant progress, Donald Trump is expected to raise next Tuesday the tariffs from 25% to 30% on 250 billion dollars of Chinese imports.

Dead end?

If, in theory, Beijing wants to put an end to trade tensions, Chinese Communist Party officials are not optimistic about the scope or scope of an agreement with Washington in the short term.

On the basis of the current situation, it is possible that the talks this week lead to a stalemate, said a Chinese official aware of the preparations, speaking under the seal of anonymity.

When asked about the likelihood of reaching an agreement, he said: This is not an easy task. This requires a lot of preparation work and a consensus of both parties.

Improving trade or global relations between the two countries requires more time, Chinese officials said.

While previous discussions at a lower level, between US and Chinese officials, aimed to create a good atmosphere for the upcoming meeting, the announcement of the US Department of Commerce to blacklist 28 Chinese companies or public agencies has generated a negative atmosphere, they said.

The South China Morning Post also reported that the Chinese delegation, led by Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, will leave Washington on Thursday after only one day of talks.

In a tweet, a CNBC reporter later reported that the White House was unaware of any program changes and that Liu He was leaving Washington on Friday.

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