Chemicals could be the cause of Havana Syndrome

The mysterious illness of some 40 Canadians and Americans – Cuba’s diplomats and family members – has nothing to do with “acoustic attacks”.

A new study, obtained exclusively by Inquiry , could sweep away all the theories emitted to date to explain this phenomenon. Nerve agents used in fumigation to eradicate mosquitoes could be the cause.

In the wake of the health problems that diplomats have experienced over the past three years, a clinical study of Canadian victims has been assigned by the Department of Global Affairs Canada to the Brain Injury Treatment Center at Dalhousie University. in Nova Scotia.

A multidisciplinary team of 26 researchers led by neurologist Alon Friedman was involved.

This is the most advanced scientific investigation to date of individuals struck by what is now referred to as “Havana Syndrome”.

Headaches, hearing loss, cognitive problems, loss of balance … Dalhousie researchers conducted a thorough evaluation of these symptoms and performed brain imaging tests.

[The data compiled] support a diagnosis of acquired brain injury among Canadian diplomats and their families stationed in Cuba.

Authors of the study

The study confirms that the harm that has hit 15 Canadians is not imaginary.

Excessive fumigation

The report opposes a new theory to all those advanced to date to explain this “syndrome”. It would be a contamination by a neurotoxic agent.

“The clinical process, the researchers write, the mode of lesions, the areas of the brain affected […] as well as the context of a common exposure have raised the hypothesis of low-dose exposure to neurotoxins.”

These results, they add, “strongly suggest” an intoxication with organophosphates, molecules that are found in fumigation products.

Cuba, like many tropical countries, has a long and routine history of fumigations to eliminate insects carrying infectious diseases.

The track of the acoustic weapon hurt
Since the public revelation of these mysterious affections, in the summer of 2017, the assumption of attacks committed with an unidentified weapon but emitting energetic waves was put forward, in particular by the department. American state.

Since many victims reported disturbing or even violent noises during the onset of symptoms, we imagined an “acoustic weapon” at work or a targeted energy beam.

It has since been established that records of suspicious crackling by American victims have proven to be those of sounds of a cricket species during the mating season.

The Dalhousie University study reveals that these famous “noises” were not heard by most Canadian victims.

Various assumptions about the nature of this weapon have resulted: ultrasound, infrasound, microwaves, etc. But each of these hypotheses comes up against technical objections, starting with the physical context of the places associated with events.

“It would violate the laws of physics,” says neurologist Mitchell Valdés Sosa, chief scientist of the Cuban government’s CBC investigation.

“The sound can not damage the brain without destroying hearing. Microwaves can not be targeted to selectively damage the brain. Ultrasound should have been emitted close to the head because they dissipate very quickly. Infrasound can not be targeted. So this idea of ​​a gun aimed at someone in a room and passing through the walls, as some diplomats claimed, does not stand out scientifically, “he says.

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